Pleasant Mount Farm

Tomato plants in May. Six packs on bottom and plants in 4" pots on shelf above.

Varieties at the greenhouse. Look for planting date, which shows current year's varieties.

Brassicas Planted and germinating.

Broccoli - six varieties

Brussels Sprouts - 3 varieties

Cabbage - early, late, red, Chinese, savoy

Cauliflower - white, green, purple

Kale - 7 varieties


Lettuces & Greens Planted and germinating - stay tuned for the list! There will be frequent updates, as time allows.


Leeks Updated April 14, 2019.
BLEU DE SOLAIZE 110 days French heirloom. dark green leaves sometimes develop a tinge of blue during cold spells. Hardy fat medium-long shanks with mild flavor good in soups. Can overwinter.  

KING SIEGFRIED 84 days 6” upright shanks with 3” thickness. Blue green color.

LANCELOT  110 days French heirloom. dark green leaves sometimes develop a tinge of blue during cold spells. Hardy fat medium-long shanks with mild flavor good in soups. Can overwinter. 

LINCOLN 75 days Elegant, long thick delicately-flavored stalks. Ready in late August. Harvest before really cold nights.

KING RICHARD 75 days 6” upright shanks are ready in late August and can withstand light frosts. They should be harvested before late October.

Onions Updated April 14, 2019.
AILSA CRAIG 110 days Open-pollinated. Enormous slightly oval pale straw-colored globes are sweet, mildly pungent and will store a short while. Introduced in 1887,  named after Ailsa Crag, a small steep-sided island off the west coast of Scotland.

CABERNET RED 90 days Fancy red onions ready for fresh use in late July. 3½” wide, 8 oz single-centered globes.

CLEAR DAWN 104 days Open-pollinated. Thick necks, dark bronze skins and great storage capability. 8–10 oz average and very hard.
DAKOTA TEARS (112 days) Open-pollinated. Very hard 1-lb yellow-skinned onion with robust flavor. Very long storage ability

EXPRESSION 98 days F-1 hyb Early, intermediate to long day-length, heft (the large globes average about 12 oz.) and flavor (sweet). High yields. Short to medium storage. PR tolerant.
NEW YORK EARLY  98 days. Early yellow globe. Good for storage. Very firm, mild may be eaten raw in salads.
PATTERSON STORAGE 104 days Outstanding storage onion. Excellent flavor. Satiny brownish-yellow skins.
RED BULL 118 days F-1 hyb. Good storage onion: ultra-hard large red globes will keep until May. 3-4” roots with strong tops. 

RED MARBLE 95 days F-1 hyb Hard red variety; grow as baby red pearl onions or full-sized onions 2–3” across. A few will grow as big as 4” in fertile conditions. Dark red penetrates deep into the rings. Excellent keepers, until February or March.

RED WEATHERSFIELD 110 days Open-pollinated. Large deep medium-firm purple-red flattened globes, pink-tinged white flesh with red concentric circles. Long-day variety keeps till late winter. Fine-grained, pleasant flavored and very productive.

REDWING ONION 116 days F-1 hybrid. Very hard globe-shaped 3–4” bulbs with deep purple-red glossy skin keep almost as well as Copra. Rated the ultimate red storage onion.
ROSSA DI MILANO 110 days Open-pollinated. Excellent red Italian storage onion is shaped like a buttercup squash without the button. It has the flat square-shouldered top tapering like a barrel to a narrower flat bottom. Very hard and keeps a long time. Long-to-intermediate-day type.

TALON 110 days F-1 hyb Bronze-brown–skinned storage onions that averaged almost 2 lb. Very uniform tall blocky globes. 

WALLA WALLA 125 days Large, juicy and sweet with mild flavor. Fresh eating, not for storing. WHITE WING 97 days F-1 hyb Superstar replacement. Round and good-looking. Intermediate to long day-length suitable for mid-Atlantic and northern areas.

WHITE WING 97 days F-1 hyb Round and good-looking. Intermediate to long day-length suitable for mid-Atlantic and northern areas.

Peppers updated April 17, 2019

ACE (NEW ACE) 60 d sweet bell. Thin walled, red early
ACONCAGUA  70 days Good yields of 8 ½” long by 2” wide very sweet peppers. A Cuban type sweet pepper used in salads, stir fry, roasted, or stuffed. 
AJI DULCE Heirloom from Venezuela, flavor and aroma of Tabasco without the heat - flavor has overtones of black pepper and coriander. 2” fruit.  111 days until red.
ANAHEIM HOT 75 d moderately hot; green to red; 7” long fruit x 2” wide; canning, freezing, drying. For chiles rellenos.
ANCHO GIGANTEA 70 days green 90 days ripe red; standard Mexican variety for sauces and stuffing, excellent for chiles rellenos. Green black heart shaped 4” fruit. 
APPLE 57 d green 82 d red top-shaped, sweet apple taste.

BEAVER DAM 80 d Hungarian heirloom named for Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, in 1929. Crunchy and mildly hot, tapered fruits with excellent flavor; sturdy enough for stuffing. Mature bright green to deep red.
BHUT JOLOKIA 100-120 d Also known as Ghost Pepper, Naga Morich. Legendary, one of the world’s hottest peppers, in excess of 1,000,000 Scoville units! Thin-walled, wrinkled, 2”-3” pointed fruits.
BLACK HUNGARIAN 70-80 days 4” long shiny black ripening to red. Good flavor. Medium hot.
BOLDOG HUNGARIAN SPICE 71 d sweet paprika; bright red
BRAZILIAN STARFISH Unique, star-shaped fruits; variable heat, sometimes exceeding that of jalapenos, juicy and often quite sweet; 2” width, ripen to brilliant red. 
BULGARIAN CARROT CHILE 68 d aks Shipkas; bright orange; 3” heirloom, thin-walled and hot
BULL NOSE58 d Large Sweet Spanish heirloom. Early maturing. Unusual combination of sweet and heat. Prolific. 
CABALLERO ANCHO 65 days green, 84 days red ripe F-1 hybrid. Perfect balance of heat and sweet rich flavor; thick flesh and ribs. Large uniform glossy very dark green 3-lobed elongated fruit (3½–5” long x 3” wide). 3½’ tall plants set 12–20 fruits per plant. Staking may be necessary.

CARMEN 60 d green 80 d red bull’s horn, sweet 2006 All-American winner; tapered 6” long
CAROLINA WONDER 75 days Bell pepper, nematode resistant. Premium fruit ripening to red.

CAYENNE (See Long Narrow, Joe’s, Hot Paper Lantern)
CHERVENA CHUSHKA 85 d Bulgarian heirloom, used for roasting, but also a great sweet pepper. Bright-red and very sweet, almost candy-like. Tapered fruits are 2” at the shoulder by 6” long, ripen from green to brown to red. 
CHIMAYO Thin-walled drying type from northern New Mexico. Uniquely complex flavor. Well known throughout the Southwest in the late 1800s. Heat is typically mild. Ripens green to red, and dries a distinct deep red color. Rare and very special.
CHOCOLATE SWEET 80 days Every plant has at least a dozen fruits, some 20 or 30.  4–6” tapered fruits turn from green to glossy brown. Thick-walled (burgundy-red inside, chocolate outside).
CORONA (90 days) Open-pollinated. Early maturing green-to-orange; stunning color, sweet flavor. Large thick-walled 3½” blocky fruit with 3–5 lobes; easy to harvest; weight of up to half a pound.

d semi-sweet frying, waxy yellow-green turning red. Not pungent.

CYKLON 80 d Polish pepper; quite hot with good flavor. Red, tapered, slightly curved fruits are 2” at the shoulder by 4-5” long. Used extensively by the spice industry in Poland because of its ease of drying. One of the most productive hot peppers. 

CZECH BLACK HOT 65 d black when immature, ripening to lustrous garnet with red juice. Mildly hot. Early and prolific.
DOUX D’ESPAGNA (Spanish Mammoth) Introduced before 1860. Long, cone-shaped peppers that are perfect for frying and salads. Sweet and flavorful; good-producing; reported to be disease resistant.
EMERALD GIANT 78 days Large, blocky bells; thick sweet flesh. Dark green fruit
turn red when ripe. heavy yields. 
FEHEROZON 90 days. Sweet paprika, light yellow fruit turning red. Flavorful. Good productivity.

FIREBALL HOT (5 d F-1 hyb. First impression of sweetness swiftly followed by an expression of searing heat. Small strawberry-shaped fruits turn from shiny green to blazing red, mirroring the fire within. 
FISH HOT 80 d African-American heirloom with greren and white foliage, striped fruit. White with green stripes turn to orange with brown stripes to red. Serrano-type.
FLAVORBURST SWEET 75 d F-1 hyb. Citrus flavor, 4-6” blocky bells, thick-walled, crisp and juicy. 
GAMBO 80 d Thick-fleshed, flat 3-inch bell-shaped fruit. Rich oxblood-red when fully ripe. For stuffing or fried.
GEORGIA FLAME 90 d Heirloom from Republic of Georgia. Up to 8”, excellent salsa pepper. Hot. 
Gilboa Sweet  66 days F-1 hyb. Blocky orange bell loaded with thick-walled crunchy squat bells, prolific with engaging fruity flavor.
GILBOA Sweet  66 days F-1 hyb. Blocky orange bell loaded with thick-walled crunchy squat bells, prolific with engaging fruity flavor.

GOLDEN TREASURER 80 days Italian variety; 9"-long, ripen from green to shiny yellow; excellent for frying, roasting, and fresh eating. Sweet medium-thick flesh and tender skin. 

HABANERO 90 d most fiery pepper 250,000-300,000 Scoville units. Distinct flavor.  Matures to bright orange. Grow in warm conditions.
HABANEROCARIBBEAN RED 90 d most fiery pepper 285,000 Scoville units. Distinct flavor.  Matures to bright red. Grow in warm conditions. 
HABANERO MUSTARD 90 d A uniquely colored Habanero with intense heat and flavor.Fruits ripen from light green with purple blush to orange. Hot, hot, HOT!!
HIDALGO SERRANO90 d Bright, fruity hot flavor which lingers. Slightly hotter than a Jalapeno. Light green fruits which ripen to bright scarlet. Perfect for fresh salsa and pickling or homemade hot sauces. 

HINKELHATZ 80 d Pennsylvania Dutch heirloom used for pickling and pepper vinegar Small fruits. Hot. 
HOT PORTUGAL 64 d 5”-8” elongated fruit with
wrinkled hip. Scarlet fruit hotter than Jalapeno
HUNGARIAN HOT WAX  68 d semi-hot smooth yellow 5” tapered fruit. 700-3000 Scoville units.
JALAPENO, CRAIG’S GRANDE 70 d Big, fat jalapeno. Perfect for making lots of salsa. Thick, flavorful, hot flesh. 
hot sausage-shaped, from dark green to dark red. 4000-6500 Scoville units.
d A very tasty mild Jalapeno type, with the same delicious flavor, but a lot less heat. Great yields.
JALUV AN ATTITUDE HOT 75 d Jalapeno type with thick skin and good, hot flavor. 
JIMMY NARDELLO’S 76 d thin-walled 8” frying pepper, often preferred to Banana Supreme. Also good for drying. Italian heirloom.
JOE E. PARKER NUMEX  65 d relatively mild to medium in flavor. 7” thick-fleshed. Green to red.
JOE’S ROUND Heirloom from Italy. Clusters of 3/4” fruit ripen from deep green to bright red. Great for pickling or salsa. Very hot.
JUPITER  70 d sweet, blocky bell. Open-pollinated. Green to bright red
KING OF THE NORTH 70 d Sweet bell peppers. Thick wall; red when mature.
KLARI BABY CHEESE 65 d aka Golden Delicious Apple Pepper. From Hungary squat, thick-walled white to yellow to red. Heirloom.
hyb. Early elongated bell ripens from rich green to attractive bright red. Good producer of 3x5” bells, juicy and sweet with a hint of spiciness.
LEMON DROP 100 d From Peru ripens to a clear lemon yellow, sometimes with a dark purple blush. Slightly citrus flavor with heat. Conical fruits 2-3 inches in length.
LEUTSCHAUER PAPRIKA From Matrafured, Hungary. Lovely medium-hot paprikas; great flavor and make a delicious spicy powder. Very rare.
LIPSTICK 53 d green 73 d red shiny, smooth sweet and thick. Roasting and salsa. Dependable.
LONG RED CAYENNE  75 d often curled and twisted 5”-6” long dark green to red. Heirloom. 3500-5000 Scoville units.
MATCH BOX HOT  75 d Open-pollinated Super Chili-type.
MEGA MARCONI 90 days Heavy early fruit set of 2½” tender-skinned Italian-style Lamuyo peppers. Sweet with good texture and pepper flavor when green, and were especially tasty when ripe. 
MINIATURE RED 90 days red Lovely 2” long with fresh flavor. Great for salads. Sweet.
MINIATURE YELLOW 90 days bright yellow Lovely 2” long with fresh flavor. Great for salads. Sweet.
NAPOLEON 70-90 d Listed in 1923 by L. L. Olds Seed Company as: “Possibly the most productive of all the large peppers, bears consistently until frost. Mild as an apple. Fruit about 8” long and 4” in circumference, standing upright until they get so heavy they sometimes droop.”  Good flavor when green, sweeter when red. 
NUMEX JOE E. PARKER  See Joe Parker.
ODESSA MARKET SWEET Pepper 87 d Heirloom pepper from Odessa,
Black Sea in the Ukraine. 7–12 tapered fruits per plant, crisp, juicy, thick-walled and tasty. Distinct lime color to orange to a deep dark red. Sweet and full-textured whether enjoyed raw, sauteed or roasted.
PADRON 60 d About 1 out of 20 fruits will be hot, and the rest mild. All the fruits become hot if allowed to grow 2-3” long. 

PARADICSUM ALAKU SARGA SZENTES 80 d  Hungarian yellow, flat, ribbed, pumpkin-shaped fruit. Flesh is very thick, crisp and juicy. 
EACEWORK 65 d Sweet early red bell pepper. Small plants with six peppers each on average. Medium-thick walls with good flavor . 
POBLANO 75 d From Mexico. Heart-shaped fruits, gentle heat, around 2000 scovilles. For chili rellenos. Dried, may be ground into red chili powder. Plants reach 2 feet or so.
70 d Large thick-walled; medium heat. Ripens to deep red color. Medium heat, at 30,000 to 50,000
scovilles. About the size of Anaheim. Very productive imported European seed. 
PURPLE BEAUTY 74 d Sweet, blocky bells. Green to purple to deep red. Purple will turn green when cooked. Good yield.
QUADRATO ASTI GIALLO 70-80 days from transplant.Large, blocky bell from Italy. Green ripens to golden yellow. Thick, crisp with
sweet spicy flavor. 
RED ROCKET 65 green 85 red. Early ristra pepper. Tapered, thin-walled, 5-6” long fruits. Dries quickly to a bright crimson red. Dried fruits have tender flesh which is nice and soft when cooked. Early, high
hyb. Sweet, blocky red when ripe.

SANTA FE GRANDE 75-80 d Mild hot conical blunt-tipped fruits, 1” wide by 3” long, medium-thick walls. Ripens from yellow to orange to red. Sturdy 24” tall plants, heavy yields. Good for pickling, canning and salsa. Introduced in 1965 by Peto Seeds. 
SERRANO TAMPIQUENO 75 days. (glossy green > orange >
red- orange) Attractive 30” plants with pendant, thin-walled fruit (2” x 1/2”). This flavorful pepper is ideal for chili sauce, salsa, hot pepper vinegar, and for pickling. Very hot whether green or red. Dries easily. 
STADDON’S SELECT 74 d large, glossy bell. Dark green to red.

SUPER SHEPHERD 66 d (green > red- brown > red) Italian sweet pepper, productive and versatile varieties. Early yields, high quality, defect-free fruits. Thick, juicy flesh good fresh, fried or pickled. 3-4 lobed fruits average 2 x 4 in. long. 

SWEET PIMIENTO 80 days Open-pollinated. Early and productive with an enjoyable rich fruity taste.
TABASCO 80 d fiery hot light green to red. Thin, tapered fruit. 
THAI HOT  90 d  thin-fleshed, hot for Oriental cooking. Green ripens to red. Small plant, good for containers.
TIBURON 65 green, 85 red ripe Sweet, thick flesh. Ancho type.
TOLLI’S SWEET ITALIANHeirloom scarlet fruits grow to 5 inches long
WISCONSIN LAKES 75-85 days from transplant. Developed in the 1960s. Great choice for an early maturing bell pepper. Reliable yields of thick-walled, 4-6 oz. sweet fruits ripen from green to red. 

Tomatoes Updated April 23, 2019.

ALICANTE 70 d indeterminate  Heirloom from Unwins, England, UK. Lots of medium, golf-ball sized, slightly oval to round, red heirloom tomatoes. Tasty, full-bodied; good canning tomato.

AMISH PASTE 85 d  indeterminate Wisconsin heirloom; Sauce and canning tomato, heavy yield, good flavor, large, meaty, bright red, up to 8 oz. Larger and better than Roma. 
AOSTA VALLEY 65 days indeterminate. From NW Italy comes a short-season tomato with exceptionally rich flavor. Prolific clusters of 10–12 small (1½”) shiny red tomatoes. Excellent fresh, stewed or added to sauce. Blight resistant

ARBASON 76 d F-1 hyb. indeterminate Reliable, good-tasting consistent 7–9 oz red fruits. High yields.

ARKANSAS TRAVELLER 85 d indeterminate. Heirloom, 6-8 oz, abundant, sweet flavor, pink.

AUNT RUBY’S GERMAN GREEN 80 d indeterminate. Heirloom large beefsteak, 12-16 oz, excellent unusual flavor, chartreuse when ripe.
BE MY BABY 65 d indeterminate Productive cherry with a rich sweet flavor.

BEAVER LODGE  54 d determinate from Alberta, Canada. Short, compact plants loaded with 2”, smooth, red, round. Rich and well balanced flavors. Perfect for basket or container.

BELLSTAR 70 d determinate. Round paste, 4-6 oz., compact plants can be grown in containers, resistant to cracking. 

BHN 589 (F1 hyb) 75 d semi-determinate quality 8-10 oz. fruit, long shelf life, and really good flavor. Very high yield potential. 

BIG BEEF ( VFN hyb) 72 d indeterminate. Bright red, 12 to 16 oz, smooth, flavorful, good slicer, good producer.  Also, see BOBCAT.
BIG ITALIAN PLUM 75 d indeterminate large, red, 8-12 oz., paste type tomatoes that resemble fat banana peppers. Excellent for thick paste tomato and canning.

BLACK CHERRY 65 d indeterminate Abundant black cherry fruit. Abundant, sweet fruit.
BLACK KRIM 75-90 d indeterminate. Heirloom, 10-12 oz, solid, rich flavor, dark brown-red color.
BLACK PRINCE 75 d indeterminate. 75 days) From Irkutsk, Siberia. Iridescent 5–7 oz. garnet-colored globe-shaped fruits are among the most uniformly handsome in the tomato kingdom. Outstanding flavor.
BLACK SEA MAN75 d determinate. Russian heirloom with rich flavor. Brownish-pink fruit with olive-green shading medium fruit.  
BLACK VERNISSAGE  75 d indeterminate 2-to 3-ounce saladette; fresh eating, salads, drying or making sauces. Deep mahogany, striped with green. Productive, rich flavor.

BRANDYWINE, Sudduth Strain  85 d indeterminate Potato leaf plant, 1 lb-2 lb. large, pink fruit with wonderfully rich, intense delicious flavors. Believed to be of the original Brandywine strain. Excellent flavor!
BRANDYWINE, Weaver’s Black 85 d indeterminate Also known as True Black Brandywine. Could be the oldest and is likely the best flavored of the Brandywines. Crimson, with shadows of green, purple and brown. 
BRANDYWINE YELLOW 80 d indeterminate. Amish heirloom with legendary flavor. Warm yellow fruit, 16 to 24 oz.
BROWN BERRY 72 d indeterminate From the Netherlands. Vigorous cherry, exceptionally large crops of mahogany (brick-red) brown colored, 1-inch. Excellent semi-sweet, rich flavors with just a slight bit of acid.

BULGARIAN TRIUMPH  78 d indeterminate Bulgarian heirloom, very productive, extra-sweet, juicy, red, 2-inch, 3-4 oz., oxheart-shaped, thick-walled fruits. Great for canning.
CAMPBELL'S 146See KC 146.

CEYLON 75 d indeterminate. Uniquemulti-ribbed, flat shape. Productive and disease resistant. Great taste, 2-3” across.
CHEROKEE GREEN 76 d indeterminate One of the best green tomatoes. Medium-sized, 8-plus oz., some yellowish-orange color on the blossom end when ripe. Bold, acidic, complex tomato flavor. 
CHEROKEE PURPLE 80 d indeterminate. Heirloom from Tennessee, rose/purple fruit, 10-12 oz sweet rich fruit.
CHESTNUT CHOCOLATE 75 d indeterminate Great flavor, high yields, and marked disease resistance. The indigo colored cherry-sized fruits with sweet, rich flavor, dark-fruited. Great keeper.
CHINESE TEA 72 d indeterminate Prolific, pinkish, red, 2-inch, round red tomatoes. Fruit is well balanced in its sweet to acid ratio and finishes with a pronounced fruity sweetness. Wonderful salad tomato.
CHOCOLATE STRIPES 79 d indeterminate 3-4 inch, mahogany-colored with dark, olive green-striping. Flavor is delicious, complex, rich, sweet, earthy. Produces well into the autumn A great sandwich tomato and salad tomato.
COSMONAUT VOLKOV 65 d indeterminate. Considered by Fedco to be “the best.” Will produce even in cold weather, red, sweet flavor, Russian heirloom. 
COSTOLUTO GENOVESE  78 d indeterminate. Italian heirloom, deeply ribbed, flavorful, full flavored and delicious.
DAGMA'S PERFECTION 73 d indeterminate. Medium-sized, slightly flattened, pale-yellow with light red striping. Overtones of tropical fruit and subtle hints of lime. Firm, juicy and elegant and jewel-like in appearance.

DEBARAO 72 d indeterminate. Russian plum, good for sauce or fresh eating. Deep red.
DELICIOUS 77 d indeterminate. Burpee bred  large fruit up to 2 lbs. Delicious flavor, superior slicing. 

DEFIANT PHR FF OG 70 d High resistance to late blight and intermediate resistance to early blight. Great flavor. 6-8 oz., globe-shaped, smooth and medium-firm with good texture. Deep red, high-yielding 
DIXIE GOLD GIANT  85 d Huge, lemon-yellow beefsteak-type. Mild and sweet fruits often reach 2 lbs. Some disease-resistance. Old Amish type. Very productive.
DONA (VFFNT hyb) 65 d indeterminate. French variety, large harvests, flavorful, red, 6 oz. 
ESTERINA CHERRY 60 d F-1 hybrid. Indeterminate Large for a cherry, productive over a long period, disease resistant, crack-free Sweet. Bright yellow.
EVA PURPLE BALL 74dindeterminiate Creamy texture with a balanced flavor. Round, dark pink, and blemish-free. 4-6 oz. fruits. Heirloom from the Black Forest of Germany. 
FIREWORKS 60 d indeterminate Largest of the super-early, reds; produce an abundance of 2-3 inch, 8-10 oz., meaty, oblate with pointed end. Great flavor. Excellent for salads and slicing.

GARDENER’S DELIGHT 68 d indeterminate. German, also known as Sugar Lump. Parent of Sweet 100. Rich sweet deep red 1”+ cherries. Large plants need staking and will bear till frost. Tendency to crack. 
GERMAN JOHNSON 70 d indeterminate. Heirloom, pinkish, excellent flavor. Fruit is up to 1 lb. 
GERMAN LUNCHBOX 70-80 days Heirloom; the size of a small egg, vibrant pink, sugar sweet, and begging to be eaten. Perfectly sized for salads or putting in the lunchbox.
GERMAN STRIPED 78 d indeterminate. Beautiful, large red and yellow. Fruity flavor, smooth texture.
GERMAN YELLOW (YODER’S) 80-90 d indeterminate Large yellow/pale orange beefsteak type Amish heirloom. Fairly crack resistant and can grow as large as 1 pound. Good flavor. 
GEZAHNTE  80 d lovely paste-type, originating in Naples, Italy. Lavishly pleated up to 6 ounces. Semi-hollow, firm and mild-tasting; great for stuffing. Very productive. 
GLACIER 56 d determinate. Rich-flavored early red tomato. 
GOLD MEDAL 75-90 d indeterminate 1-lb fruit are among the smoothest, bi-colored yellow fruit; blushing with rosy red that radiates from the blossom end. Firm flesh is of superior quality, being sweet and mild. Very little acid; great for fresh eating. 
GOLDIE 90 d indeterminate. Heirloom believed to be 
yellow version of Giant Belgium. Huge tomatoes, wonderful flavor. Vigorous vine.
GRANDMA MARY’S PASTE 68 d indeterminate. Heirloom paste. Good production in cool weather.     
GREEN DOCTORS FROSTED79 d indeterminate Oval cherry. Blush gold when ripe.  5’ rambling plants;
prolific producers.
75 d indeterminate 2 to 3 oz.
saladette, pale green with dark green stripes. Pleasantly sweet.

GREEN ZEBRA80 d indeterminate. 4-5 oz green and yellow with sweet flavor. No cracking. 
HEIDI 75 d indeterminate Heirloom from Cameroon Africa.
Prolific amount of 2-1/2-inch, plum-shaped, bright-red fruit with thick walls, meaty flesh and a rich flavor. Super paste or canning tomato, good fresh.

HEINZ 2653 68 d determinate. Early red plum for sauce.
HILLBILLY POTATO LEAF 85 d From West Virginia in the 1800s. Beefsteak, weighing 1-2 pounds. Round, heavily ribbed; skin and fleshis orange-yellow with red streaks. Sweet and fruity; low in acid.
HONEYDROP CHERRY62 d indeterminate Open-pollinated. Compared to Sun Gold, with less cracking in wet weather. Sweet juicy fruity honey-colored, taste almost like light grapes. 
IDA GOLD 59 d determinate. 2-bite gold, low acid. Good producer.
JAPANESE BLACK TRIFELE70-80 d indeterminate One of the best black tomatoes. Rich full flavor, great for canning. The size of a Bartlett pear, weighing 4-5 oz., bred in Russia.
hyb 60 d F-1 indeterminate  Deep red globes on small clusters. Vigorous vines defy Late Blight. Almost never crack. Very early, very prolific. 
JAUNE DE FLAMME75 days indeterminate Flame-colored French heirloom is a significant improvement on old Ida Gold. Productive, flavorful and disease resistant. 2 oz round fruits.
JERSEY DEVIL 80 d indeterminate American heirloom. Abundant crops of 5-6” long, tapered, bright red, paste tomatoes with pointed end, few seeds; very good taste Meaty sauce tomato and a good choice for making salsa.
JET STAR 72 d compact indeterminate Prolific quantities of cosmetically perfect 7–8 oz globes with outstanding flavor. Resistant to F1 and V.
JUBILEE 80 d indeterminate. 8 oz, heirloom, orange, excellent flavor, fine texture. 
JULIET (F1hyb) 60 d indeterminate. Sweet plum cluster, 12-18 fruits per cluster, deep red.
KC 146 75 d semi-determinate. Also known as Campbell’s 146. Productive 5’ plants produce a plethora of 9 oz. red round fruit with good rich tomatoey flavor. Good for canning, evoking childhood comfort food

LEMONY 85 d indeterminate An abundant Russian heirloom. Produces light-yellow beefsteak. Luscious, big sweet tangy flavors. 
LUCKY TIGER Elongated green striped cherry tomato with a striking red blush. Overall effect when ripe is of a red tomato with prominent green striping. Excellent sweet, tart flavor.
MARGLOBE (VF) 70 d determinate classic French, good flavor, abundant producer, 8 oz scarlet fruit.
MARIANNA’S PEACE 85 d indeterminate Czechoslovakian dark pink heirloom 1-2 lb., beefsteak; dense, creamy flesh, flavorful.
MARK TWAIN 85 d indeterminate Deep red interior color and full-bodied flavor. Good-sized and crack free, ribbed 8–24 oz. oblate fruits in September. One of the best-tasting heirloom beefsteak tomatoes. 
MARMANDE (VF) 67 d semi-determinate Good flavor, abundant producer, 5-8 oz scarlet fruit, dev.1925.    
MATT’S WILD CHERRY 60 d indeterminate. Very small red and extremely sweet. Grows wild in Mexico. Abundant. 
MOSKVICH 60 d indeterminate. Heirloom; 4-6 oz. red. Rich taste, cold-tolerant.
MOUNTAIN MAGIC 66 d indeterminate Late blight resistant. High yields of 2 oz., bright red, round salad tomatoes with 
very sweet flavor. Uniform, crack-resistant.
MOUNTAIN MERIT 75 d Late-blight resistance. Medium-large, 8-10 oz., red slicer. One of the best disease resistance around.
MR FUMAROLE PASTE 65 d indeterminate Large elongated 3–6” pinkish plum, very flavorful, sweet meaty good.
NEBRASKA WEDDING 90 d indeterminate Nebraskan brides were given seeds of this tomato as a wedding gift. Brought by pioneers in the late 1800s via covered wagons. Apricot-orange, 3-4”, can weigh up to a pound.
75 d indeterminate Heirloom from India’s Himalaya Mountains. Abundant,  6 to 10 -oz., smooth, round, scarlet-red fruits;  little cracking and intense sweet flavor. A great keeper.
NEVES AZOREAN RED 75 d indeterminate indeterminate 1-lb to 3-lb, deep-red, beefsteak tomatoes with terrific, bold, complex flavors. Great disease resistance and produces till frost.

NEW GIRL  62 d indeterminate. Better tasting and more disease resistant than Early Girl. 
OMAR’S LEBANESE79 d indeterminate. Disease resistant, vigorous heirloom. Large, beefsteak; complex flavors.
OPALKA75 d indeterminate. Heirloom from Poland. Long, paste tomatoes. Meaty, sweet. Also, fresh eating.
ORANGE BANANA  80 d indeterminate. Orange, paste-type, 3 to 4 inches long. Vigorous producers, sweetly-flavored. Good for salads, salsa, sauce.
OREGON SPRING (V) 58 d determinate. Cold-tolerant, compact plants, medium to large red fruit, good flavor.
PAUL ROBESON78 d indeterminate. Russian heirloom. Maroon-brick red with sweet smoky taste/ Sandwich size.
PEACEVINE(from Sweet 100 stock) 78 d  indeterminate. High producer of sweet red cherry tomatoes.
PERON68 d Compact, semi-determinate. Deep-red, smooth, slightly oblate, very dense-fleshed and meaty, and show very little core. 3-6 ounces; good flavor. Heirloom from Argentina.
PINEAPPLE 85 d indeterminate. Heirloom with red and yellow streaks, up to 2 lb fruit, Flavorful. Abundant. 
PINK BERKELEY TIE DYE 65-75 d  indeterminate. Beautiful 8-12 ounce fruit with a very sweet, rich, dark flavor. Port colored with metallic green stripes.
PLUM REGAL75 d determinate productive plum tomato with Late Blight resistance. High yields of blocky, 4 oz. plum tomatoes. Deep red color with good flavor. Intermediate resistance to early blight. 
POCKET STAR74 d indeterminate. Attractive green cherry tomato with little flecks of gold around its crown; an abundance of 1” round fruits. Slight golden yellow at the base when ready for harvest.
PREMIO60 d indeterminate Hybrid early cluster, round red uniform thick-skinned  4 oz. fruits. Nice texture
,sweetnessand flavor.
PRINCIPE BORGHESE 75 d determinate. Plum-shaped meaty for drying. Very prolific.
PRUDENS PURPLE 72 d indeterminate. Flavorful heirloom, dark pink fruit, delicious flavor, good production.
QUEDLINBURGERFRUE LIEBE Old German variety. 1-1/2-inch, round, 4-lobed fruit in clusters of 4. Great flavor with good acidity. Prolific even during colder summers.
RED PEAR 78 d indeterminate. Miniature, pear-shaped. Bright red and flavorful. 
REISETOMATE 75 d indeterminate Like a big bunch of cherry tomatoes all fused together. “Traveler tomato” originated in Central America. Bright red rather sour, strong and acid. Very rare.
RIESENTRAUBE CHERRY 70 d indeterminate)German heirloom. Large bunches of 20-40 red fruits. 1½ -- 1¼ in. fruits with pointed blossom ends. Compact vine growth. Excellent, full flavor. A great salad tomato.
ROSE70-80 d indeterminate Rose-colored fruit weigh 1 lb each; very productive. Amazing flavor that many prefer to Brandywine! Amish heirloom. 
ROSE DE BERNE 80 d indeterminate. French medium-sized smooth pink globes; robust flavor; rich sweetness.
RUTGERS (FVAG resistant) 75 d indeterminate Developed by Campbell’s Soup Co. in 1928. Outstanding slicing, cooking and canning tomato. Old-time flavor. 
SAN MARZANO REDORTA (VFNT hyb) 80 d indeterminate. Elongated paste tomato, bright red. 

SIOUX 70 d indeterminate. Heirloom with incredible flavor and large yields. 6 oz round red.
SOLDACKI 80 d indeterminate heavy producer, sandwich size, pink, flavorful. Heirloom from Poland.
SPECKLED ROMAN PASTE 85 days indeterminate. Red cylindrical fruits covered with orangey-yellow striations. Abundance of meaty 4-5 oz. fruits which make a flavorful sauce.
SPRING SHINE F-1hyb. 72 d indeterminate. Deep red globes, good flavor, early ripening.
SPRITE 60 d determinate. Heirloom grape, brilliant red oval; sweet flavor. Produces until frost.

STUPICE 52 d indeterminate. Heirloom from Czechoslovakia. Cold-tolerant, 1 to 2 oz, flavorful, sweet. Long producer.    
SUN GOLD (hyb) 57 d indeterminate. Apricot-colored,  Delicious &  sweet cherry tomato. Vigorous producer. 
SUPER SWEET 100 (See Peacevine).
SWEET OLIVE 57 d Determinate. Oval-shaped red grape.
SWEET TREATS 75 days indeterminate Phenomenal flavor;  incomparable gorgeous deep ruby color with 
matte finish. Low acid and mellow.  Tolerant to cracking. Ripens from pink to deep rose.
TIFFEN MENNONITE 86 d indeterminate. Comparable to Brandywine.
TIGERELLA 55-75 d Tasty round, bright red with orange stripes. The 2-inch tomatoes are quite beautiful. High yields early producer. Good disease resistance. Originating in England. 
TINY TIM 60 d determinate. Perfect for containers. Cherry tomato, flavorful & good producer.
TROPHY 80 d indeterminate. Introduced in 1870 in Rhode Island. Sweet, mild flavor, 5-7 ounce, round tomatoes are ideal for slicing. 
indeterminate Classic heirloom. Easy-to-grow, with loads of uniform, smooth-skinned fruits on attractive plants. Pretty, 3 inch globes; hearty and flavorful. Golden-red.
VILMS PASTE 82 d indeterminate Small vibrant 4 oz. blood-red, firm with excellent tart-sweet flavor and meaty solids. Pear-shaped, plum-shaped or double-lobed. Very productive. From Sweden.
WEISNICHT’S UKRANIAN 85 d compact indeterminate Scrumptious pink tomato; somewhat flattened globes; rich and somewhat tart, not real sweet. 
WISCONSIN 55 78 d indeterminate Great all purpose tomato. 4-8 oz, red, round, highly productive, uniform size, strong skinand wonderful flavor. Heirloom.
YELLOW PEAR (Fargo) 82 d indeterminate 1934 in North Dakota. Each plant produces about three dozen sweet tasty 1 oz fruits. About twice the size of regular pear tomatoes. Crack resistant.
ZAPOTEC PINK 80 d indeterminate. Beautiful, pleated shape. Sweet mild flavor.
ZOGOLA 85 d indeterminate. Heirloom beefsteak from Poland. Crimson red, 1-lb abundant, sweet.

Tomatillos  All are around 75 days. Easily grown and prolific. Planted - watch for updates on varieties.

Husk Cherries, Sunberries & Other Unusual Fruit
HUSK CHERRY Also known as Cape Gooseberry or Ground Cherry. Sweet, tiny fruit in papery husk. Great in salads or for fresh eating.
AUNT MOLLY’S GROUND CHERRY 72 days. Though native to Central America, this heirloom was widely grown in Poland.SUNBERRY Small purple berries; mild flavor akin to a wild currant.

AMARYLLA 60 d Polish. Green to yellow. Firm, juicy and very sweet, perfect for jams, jellies and salsa. 

DWARF TAMARILLO fragrant fruit tropical flavor South American.

NARANJILLA Really unique heirloom from the Andes; delicious sweet and sour taste, orange flavor; 2" fruit are round and yellow-orange in color, perfect for making delicious juice. Called it "Nectar of the gods." Takes at least 6 months to bear and is quite attractive as a potted plant.