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Flowers, Accent Plants, Annuals - we have a ton of beautiful plants. We will have lots of begonias, trailing petunias, verbena, regal geraniums... And, of you like red geraniums, we still have five different shades of red, plus salmon, orange, watermelon, deep salmon and violets, pinks, white - trailing geraniums, regal geraniums (aka Martha Washingtons). 

There are still over 100 varieties of peppers (one lonely Ace pepper hanging in here) and about 140 varieties of tomatoes (still have Sungolds in single pots and the improved Sungold: Honey Drop), eggplant varieties, four varieties of Brussels Sprouts....

Our collection of herbs for sale is broad with five varieties to fennel, sixteen varieties of basil, lemon verbena, summer and winter savory, five varieties of dill... the list goes on.

Bring in your boxes and we will plant them for you!
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