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Flowers, Accent Plants, Annuals - they will be growing in February. We will have a ton of beautiful pansies earlier and ready for the garden. We will have lots of begonias, trailing petunias, verbena, regal geraniums... And, of you like red geraniums, we will have eight different shades of red, plus salmon, orange, watermelon, deep salmon and violets, pinks, white. Our goal is to have a greenhouse that is very full.

To be clear, these plants, most of which are grown out here from plugs and cuttings that arrive here midwinter, are not considered Certified Organic, by national standards.

Our practices have not changed.

We continue to use Certified Organic potting soil and OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) approved fertilizers and soil amendments. That said, the standards have changed since we began in 1992 - national standards were created  around 2000 - and the plants that we do not start from seed or our own organic cuttings cannot be called organic.

It is a semantics issue for us, but important to remember:
1. our management practices - and philosophy! - have not changed here in Huntington Center, Vermont
2. the national standards are national and we are lucky to have oversight, so consumers can put full trust in the word "organic."

Flowers, Accent Plants, Annuals that are started here will be clearly labelled as organic.
Bring in your boxes and we will plant them for you!
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