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Pleasant Mount Farm Greenhouse

Our Plants

Pleasant Mount Farm has an unsurpassed variety of vegetable plants. Many are heirloom varieties - old favorites like Early Jersey Wakefield, Ruby Giant, Rutgers, Italian Flat Leaf ... And, many are new strains with disease-resistance (Late Blight Resistant!) or characteristics that keep them from bolting or developing a bitter taste - the Mountain series, Calypso cilantro.  All our vegetable starts and herb packs and plants are Certified Organic.


It is always fun to look at the catalogues in the fall and begin to assemble the new plants that are part of the spring experience at the greenhouse. Check out the lists on the links.

greenhouse tomatoes - 100 varieties.jpg
May 7: Many varieties are still being transplanted. We have some varieties planted earlier that are good to go now. All will be ready when the ground warms up in two weeks.

Bright red, dark red, pinkish red, yellow, streaked, marbled, orange, round.

Click here for the 2023 list of tomato varieties in alphabetical order


onions & leeks.png
Onions and Other Alia, Brassicas

Onions, leeks, shallots, scallions are planted and have all gotten their first haircuts. Click here to see the list of 2023 allium startswhich will give you an idea of the types we have carried. 

Cabbages, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower. The list of 2023 brassicas will be up soon in March.

May 14 2016 tomatoes, eggplant.jpg
Peppers, Eggplant, Some Other Vegetables


Click here for the 2023 peppers in alphabetical order with descriptions, which will give you an idea of the types we have carried.

Click here for the list of 2023 eggplants, which will give you an idea of the types we have carried. 


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