Pleasant Mount Farm Greenhouse

Seeds for sale at the greenhouse.
We carry an interesting variety of seeds from our friends at Fedco in Waterville, Maine.
Click here for a price sheet and order form of 2020 seeds.
Click here for a price sheet and order form of 2019, 2018 and 2017 seeds at discounted prices.
Please note: we have started running out of some seed varieties. Please order soon, so you won't be disappointed.
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All our plants are grown in McEnroe Organic Potting Soil.

Pleasant Mount Farm is a working greenhouse. What is a working greenhouse? All plants are grown here, so in addition to the finished pots and other plants ready for sale, you will see tiny plants that aren't quite ready for "prime time." The plants are on sale all season.  We always have fun, new varieties for our customers to try in their gardens: tomatoes that are resistant to Late Blight, many varieties of heirloom hot and frying peppers, Indian and colorful eggplant and fun varieties of pickling cucumbers and winter squash. Check out our list and descriptions!

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