• Heidi Racht

Busy Week with Transplanting and Seeding

Updated: May 9, 2020

As the greenhouse fills with healthy, colorful plants, we are again wishing for more space. There is this two-week time when it is too cold to put out the plants and we still have many more plants to put into the packs and pots. I spend a lot of time moving trays around to get the plants to where we want them to be when we open. We have transplanted thousands of peppers and tomatoes this week with many more to go. Once the pansies, perennials, brassicas and greens go outdoors, we can begin to space the plants so they can grow fuller. I have started seeding some of the curcurbits and, with the heater under the bench, pumpkins have already started to germinate. The greenhouse looks and smells great!! With the cooler weather again, it is a nice place to spend the afternoon.

Alan is replacing the small greenhouse that was damaged by wind on October 31 and then destroyed by wind in March when the ridge pole was bent back over itself. The wrecked frame went on the town's metal pile, so the road crew can get some money for it at the salvage place in Hinesburg. He got the posts in the ground just before the cold rain started. Due to our rocky soil, this took a while, but it is great to have the tractor with the post hole digger.

11 lambs now - still under a month old and all are healthy.

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