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Tomorrow Opening ... and Snow!

We open tomorrow. We decided, after a lot of discussion and debate as to how we could make appointments work, to tell our customers that we are limited to 10 people in the greenhouse. If someone wants to make an appointment with fewer people around, we can make it work on either end of the day for them, as those times tend to be slower. Also, weekdays tend to be lighter than weekends. The building is plenty big enough as long as everyone doesn't want to be in the peppers aisle.

The social distancing protocols and the masks will be necessary for everyone to stay well and we all want to follow the rules here since none of us wants to get sick. This is the plan for now. Of course, we have a pick-up table outside and will gets plants for the customers who decide that they would rather wait outside.

We changed around the retail area slightly - Beverly and Willow "cleaned house" and it looks great. There is a place to sit and wait for the cashier or wait to go into the greenhouse.

The flowers are looking lovely and the tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables inside the greenhouse are sufficiently big for early May - they are not ready to be planted outdoors. It is too cold - and it will be better for them to stay where it is heated until the ground has warmed up some. Onions have been outside and are ready to go into the ground. We have brought the rest of the vegetables that were out last week back inside - don't want to risk a freeze. We also have some really nice lettuce plants that could go in the garden or cold frame once we get through this cold snap.

So, plan to come buy plants. Choose your plants in the greenhouse - or send an order for us to put pull your plants for you. We have our talented high school helper, Snow, who has been putting the orders together and also putting together the window boxes that have been dropped off. The goal is to have the orders done in 24 hours, give or take. Best to call ahead. And remember, we are not sitting in front of the computer all day - we are in the greenhouse working with plants and probably won't see the order until the evening after supper.

Finally, for today anyway, we are still taking back our trays, packs and pots. A bin is located next to the greenhouse and you can put your returns in there. Please don't bring returns into the greenhouse or retail area.

Hope to see you this season - and don't forget your mask!

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