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  • Heidi Racht

Winter... Spring... Winter... Spring

It's warm and plants are growing in the greenhouse. The cuttings are all transplanted, hanging baskets are planted, and seeding has been going continuously since the first week of March.

Geraniums are really starting to fill the pots - there are hundreds of them and they will be lovely.

Onions, leeks and shallots have had their first haircuts, which makes them sturdier and stronger. Some have had a second cut and they are growing strong.

Peppers are almost ready to be transplanted into the packs and pots. We have really gone to town picking new pepper varieties. It's always so much fun to peruse the seed catalogues - and, then, of course, there are the suggestions from our friends and customers.

About 20 varieties of tomatoes have been planted for early May sales. And then all the varieties of tomatoes will be seeded after next week. We have plenty of old favorites and some fun new varieties. These will be ready mid-May and into June.

Also planted are lettuces, kale and other brassicas, artichokes, loads of annuals and perennials from seed.

In addition to the greenhouse, we have - at last count - 18 lambs with a couple more to come. You can feel free to stop by for lamb therapy - pull up behind the house. The lamb mob is in the pen, especially frisky in the early evening (just like little kids).

We are excited to be here and feel lucky that our special corner of the world is healthy.

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