Pleasant Mount Farm Greenhouse

Certified Organic Seasonal Greenhouse.


Quality plants for northern gardens.

SALE: June 20, 9-5

See Blog for details.


Northern Vermont's first retail organic greenhouse, Pleasant Mount Farm is committed to providing safe (chemical-free), beautiful plants to local gardeners.

2020: COVID 

We are looking forward to working with you to get your Victory Garden planted with healthy vegetable plants and your yard filled with beautiful flowers. 


UPDATE: We have had a busy spring and are out straight with folks who come up. Because of our limits (10 people in the greenhouse), we cannot have a lot of staff in there and don't have the ability to take any more email orders at this time. 

You are welcome to come up and pick out your plants.

Quality Plants

Our plants are healthy and ready for the garden. .

2020 Visits to the Greenhouse

We are limited by what is allowed in this time and want to be sure that everyone wishes to come and pick out their own plants feels safe here. So, we ask you to wear your mask and observe the expected social distancing protocol. 

If you feel that you are unable to be around more than five people (10 are allowed), you can make an appointment with us and we will work out a time with you.


Since what is allowed and acceptable seems to be constantly evolving, we will do our best to work with you, including a curbside pick up.


Heidi Racht / Alan Campbell


Racht/Campbell/Rachampbell family • 802-434-2690 • Huntington Center, Vermont